Hello, there. You're here because somehow you can't figure out how to do something on our new site or something doesn't seem to work the way you think it should. No problem, that's why we're here.

The best thing to do if you can't figure out the site is to give us a call at 221-5042/708-7623/784-2473 or send us an email at orders@dmarketmovers.com. We're working on the tutorial now, but we're sure that once you try to use the site once, you'll get the hang of it.

Problems checking out? Check for these

One of the problems we hear about is not being able to check out of the new site. Remember the only way you can check out is to always:

  • Check to see if items in the shopping cart are in stock. You'll see 3 red asterisks beside them if they're not.
  • Select the shipping/carrier method.
  • Add notes to specify anything and everything that may be deemed important regarding your odrer and its delivery.
  • Select the Payment option.
  • Check the Terms & Conditions checkbox