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Go bananas! Get this daily staple for all your smoothies, & more! One pound is usually 3 whole bananas.

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Lacatan Bananas at $6.00 per lb. One pound is usually 2-3 medium bananas or 1-2 large ones.

For quite some time it has been touted that an apple a day would keep the doctor away, we at MarketMovers beg to differ. A banana a day would put doctors out of a job! Packed with potassium, bananas are a great pick me upper, shown to increase levels of serotonin (the feel good hormone) this is the perfect snack whenever you feel drained physically and emotionally. A mixture of bananas and milk helps to soothe ulcers. Stop monkeying around and order your bananas now!

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Leeanna L


Great. Thank you

Suzy Chang-Sue

ready to eat

We order these weekly at the office, they're always the ripeness we request. Very reliable service been delivering to us for almost three years!

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