Our Beginnings

D' Market Movers Ltd (Est 2009) is an online distribution company centered around health and convenience. Our online green grocery (www.dmarketmovers.com) specialises in the delivery of fresh produce, groceries, meats, dairy, fruit baskets etc to homes, offices and restaurants throughout Trinidad & Tobago. We focus on farm to table initiatives that secure the freshest, local products and bring them directly to the consumer. 

Needless to say we are passionate about local food! Co-Founders, David Thomas and Rachel Renie started working together at the bank in 2004. Initially they paired fresh fish with seasoning and sold to their colleagues and soon identified a business opportunity that combined their shared love of agriculture and food. They soon began to penetrate a fairly untapped market in local on-line shopping, this was the genesis of D Market Movers Ltd.  Realising that the corporate world was not for them, David decided to pursue Agriculture full time while Rachel completed her college degree. After graduating, Rachel took on the challenge to create and design the company’s first website and e-commerce platform. Combined with David's strong network of farmers and suppliers they launched T&T's first online market on February 9th 2009.

Our Focus

D' Market Movers focuses on a target customer base that appreciates the company’s careful selection of quality, safe produce. D' Market Movers has also built strong relationships with farmers, some exclusive to them.

Today the company has a network of about 250 farmers/artisans who supply various types of fresh produce offered on the website including pesticide free, free range & hormone free foods. The relationship with their farmers are integral to the success of the business and David and Rachel are always trying to create new opportunities for local “agri-preneurs.”  Now servicing thousands of online customers with an inventory of hundreds of products, D Market Movers Ltd is proud to have pioneered the way for online food shopping in T&T.

Achieving in Agri-Business

Both David & Rachel are recipients of the Ernst & Young's 'Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year' Award by the Chamber of Commerce in 2016.

Our Brands

Out or passion for indigenous foods, new brands have blossomed from D' Market Movers. Farm & Function is a line of local, exotic frozen fruit products used for smoothies and health drinks which is distributed Nationwide to local groceries in T&T and is exported to Barbados. They add value to local fruits such as Papaya, Pineapple & Passion Fruit by processing and freezing them so everyone can have easy access to local, nutritious foods. 


Other brands include ‘Our Moving Table’ which is a monthly farm to table, dining event that showcases an all local menu to educate the public on the importance of local agriculture through a farm dining culinary experience.


The most recent innovation includes a Food Design Company called Market Movers Design that specialises in Branding, Packaging & E-Commerce solutions for local food businesses in T&T and across the region. 



Rachel is a mentor at the Youth Business of Trinidad & Tobago which helps in development of budding entrepreneurs throughout Trinidad & Tobago. David works with the ADOPT program at the University of the WI helping develop the next generation of Agri-preneurs.

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