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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

Paw Paw at $7.00 per lb. Most Paw paws weigh 2lbs and up. A small one would be about 2lbs, a medium 2-3lbs and a large is usually between 3-5lbs. Please note that the price is per pound so please do not select one pound of paw paw as this will not be available.

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Karel Mc Intosh

Good quality

I get good quality paw paw every time I order. I also order their frozen paw paw for smoothies.

Julie Eubank

not a pawpaw

This is not a pawpaw, it's a Papaya

Suzy Chang-Sue

just right

We get these delivered weekly to the office, they're always ripe as requested so we can eat it right away. Reliable service

Sophie Barcant

Always the right ripeness

Whenever I ask for one ripe and one half ripe, they always customise it for me. Even if I say I prefer the longer variety!

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