MM Membership - 6 Months

MM Membership - 6 Months

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Become a Market Movers Member today and experience a fresh take on savings!

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Our commitment to the health and the well-being of our customers is our NUMBER ONE priority, from your personalized packages with sometimes too many vegetable puns/drawings to brighten up your day, to our one on one customer support and our undying commitment to bringing you the safest, freshest, local produce and foods from our hard working and happy network of local farmers in Trinidad & Tobago, we truly care about ALL our Customers!


That being said, we now want to reward you for being loyal and supportive customers by bringing to you Market Movers Membership! A fresh take on Membership where you experience actual returns and amazing savings including FREE DELIVERY, DISCOUNTS & GIVEAWAYS each month!


Here’s how it works: 

·      Choose your MM Membership Packages: Monthly, 3 month, 6 months or Yearly.

Active Membership Benefits:

·      FREE Standard Delivery (up to four free deliveries per month)

·      3% off each order sitewide!

·      Freebies from our local Farmers & Artisans once per month.

 You can commit to a yearly membership and save $189 or renew monthly as needed. 

How It Works:

  • Decide which membership you want
  • Add the Membership Card to your cart and proceed to Checkout. Once purchased you will receive a unique coupon code to use for the time period you selected. 
  • This code will give you 3% off each purchase and up to four free deliveries per month. Delivery Zones include East West Corridor, Central and up to San Fernando. 
  • If you are located outside these zones you will receive up to two free deliveries per month.

Terms & Conditions:

Memberships only become active once you use you redeem your personalised membership coupon which will be emailed to you within 24hours of purchasing. Once a Membership is purchased it cannot be cancelled however it can be paused and deferred to another period once you do not use and activate your unique code. Once you use this code, the membership time begins from that date and expires 30 days after or 365 days depending on which membership you purchased. If for emergency reasons you would like to defer your monthly membership to another month, you can within a 6 month period and once you have not utilized your coupon before.

Please contact us for more information on how you can become a Member today and start saving as you shop! Ready, Set, Grow and become a Market Movers Member Today!

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