Frozen Papaya

Farm & Function Fresh, Frozen Papaya! A product of D' Market Movers!

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This 600g packet contains individually, quick, frozen papaya chunks, in a re-sealable stand up pouch. Our products contain no additives or preservatives. It's the fruit & nothing but the fruit!

Farm & Function Frozen Papaya is perfect for making smoothies, as fruit-cubes in your favourite juices or in club soda or can be used to make amazing desserts and fruit parfaits. The benefits of papaya are tremendous and provides more than half of your daily vitamin C requirements in one serving!

Support this locally grown & processed product today! Frozen at the peak of ripeness, it always makes the sweetest & creamiest smoothies! 

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Karel Mc Intosh

Yummy and healthy

I use these for smoothies, since paw paw is good for your digestive system. The paw paw is always just right, almost as if they picked it at the perfect point of ripeness. It is convenient as well. I plan to start making paw paw lollies with these as well.

Earl Sampson


I add it to my juice and it makes the best smoothies! Love it!

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